Queer Lockdown: COVID-19 and Queer Life in South Africa

As we collectively experience the ongoing physical, mental, social and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, GALA is committed to recording and collecting stories and experiences of how the pandemic is effecting queer people in South Africa, and the African continent more broadly. This project is centered around giving a visibility to queer life and narratives during these uncertain times.

GALA as an archive is also collecting and listing the online movement of South African LGBTIQ organisations during lockdown. What are they posting?  Are they holding online events?  Are they fundraising? Are they involved in relief efforts?  These are the kinds of questions that direct what we are collecting. We are hoping that this will contribute to the scholarship around the response to COVID-19 and lockdowns. 


An article following three queer medical workers' experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.


An article about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on queer organisers and activists from from Uganda, Ghana, Namibia and Zambia.

A short film about the the experiences of a few homeless transgender sex workers in Cape Town, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Queer Voices from Lockdown - An Oral History Project

Submissions closed

We developed an online form but are no longer accepting submissions, as the most of South Africa's lockdown restrictions have been lifted .

Currently there are no expected outcomes for  this Oral History Project other than to be a document recording queer experiences in this time.