Education Programme

About GALA's Education Programme

GALA's education programme provides education (around gender and sexual diversity) to people in South Africa’s higher education institutions aimed at ensuring access, safety and inclusion.

This work is done by facilitating diversity trainings to staff and students at Higher education institutions aimed at providing participants with the information, resources and ideas to effectively foster a more inclusive working or learning environment that challenges discrimination against gender and sexually diverse people and approaches sexual and gender diversity through a human rights approach.

The GALA Education Programme also works with the GALA YOUth Forum to support LGBTQIA+ student-led and campus-based initiatives and events.

If you are a student-led initiative (or campus transformation office, SRC etc.) focused on LGBTQIA issues you can reach out to us to discuss partnerships and/or trainings and workshops.


2023 Activist Healing Retreat

In April 2023, GALA and our Youth Forum embarked on a 3 day healing retreat targeted at youth activists to take time and consider their wellbeing in the face of the difficult work that is put into queer activism. Not only are queer activists fighting against the violence, discrimination and ignorance that the queer community face, they hold that space for others and stay strong while living through those experiences themselves. This retreat was held in order to come together, share the burden, and develop tools for self-care when doing the necessary work of fighting queerphobia.

This project was made possible with the generous support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, SAIH (The Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund) and the Sigrid Rausing Trust

Short films shot and produced by GALA Intern '23, Demi Phasha. 

Footage was captured during the retreat with permission of all participants. Some of the sessions were not recorded in order to maintain a space of trust and openness.