The Cooper-Sparks Queer Community Library and Resource Centre

The Cooper-­Sparks Queer Community Library and Resource Centre began more than twenty­five years ago as a very special library hidden in someone's closet. LGBTIQ people in Johannesburg used to meet there from time to time to borrow books and spend time together. Today, out and proud and in the care of Gala, the library has more than 4000 books and several hundred movies available for loan. The library is based in a sunny reading room at Gala's offices. By tradition, the library is also a social space for people to hang out. Do join us. 

To access the library, use the Jorissen Street entrance to University Corner and take the elevator to the seventh floor. Secure parking is available on the Wits campus. Membership is free and open to all. The library is largely self ­funded and donations of books are most welcome. Among many others, Edwin Cameron, Stephen Gray and Shaun de Waal have given us books. The library is named for two of the stalwarts who have helped to run the library for more than fifteen years: Tony Sparks and Carol Cooper. The Library is currently being catalogued and the inventory will be available here, soon.