Outside the Safety Zone: An Agenda for Research on Violence against Lesbian and Gender-Nonconforming Women in South Africa

Susan Holland-Muter

Publisher: MaThoko's Books
Publication date: 2013
ISBN: 9781920590024
Format: paperback

Currently, The Safety Zone is out of print, a copy is available for viewing in the the Gala Library

Outside the Safety Zone is an intervention that demands action rather than hand wringing ... the book gives us the basis to frame our politics in ways that challenge the idea that gender equality is only about the relations between women and men in a heterosexual society.
– Professor Shireen Hassim, Political Studies, the University of the Witwatersrand

Outside the Safety Zone provides a much­ needed foundation on which to build future research into violence against LGBTQIA+ communities in general, and against lesbian and gender­ non-conforming women in particular.

The report examines a range of key issues relating to gender-­based violence, including naming and describing sources of violence, measuring the problem, conceptualising its causes and consequences, and responding to violence against LGBTQIA+ communities.

Through its detailed survey of existing scholarship, Outside the Safety Zone isolates and describes crucial information gaps, and puts forward a comprehensive list of future research priorities. In its wide reach, the report tackles many thorny issues, among them political will, the concept of hate crimes, and intimate partner violence.

This report is an invaluable tool for any person or organisation involved with gender ­based violence in all its manifestations.