Queer Africa: New and Collected Fiction

Editors: Karen Martin and Makhosazana Xaba Publisher: MaThoko's Books Publication date: 2013 ISBN: 9781920590338 Format: paperback Price: R150.00


The art of telling my stories lies in saying the right things the right way, but sometimes, and sometimes, more importantly, it lies in finding ways to say the things that are never said. – Emil Rorke, 'Poisoned Grief', Queer Africa This quote beautifully captures both the motivation behind and spirit of Queer Africa. Each of the authors showcased in the anthology has found just the right way to talk about those things that are too often silenced, denied and attacked. Each contribution interprets and explores 'queer Africa' in a unique way, resulting in a diverse and thoroughly engaging collection of short­-form writing. Queer Africa brings together historical and contemporary stories, affirming and disquieting stories, urban and rural stories. It features characters who are rooted firmly in their countries and cultures, and others who could live anywhere in the world. At its heart, the collection celebrates the diversity and fluidity of queer and African identities, offering a sometimes radical re­imagining of life on the continent. These eighteen stories courageously – and often in surprising and delightful ways – challenge assumptions about what it means to be queer, to be African and to represent particular human experiences. As such, the collection provides a captivating reading experience for everyone: male or female, queer or straight, African or non-­African. Authors featured in the anthology are: Davina Owombre, Emil Rorke, Wamuwi Mbao, K. Sello Duiker, To Molefe, Roger Diamond, Dolar Vasani, Rahiem Whisgary, Monica Arac de Nyeko, Annie Holmes, Natasha Distiller, Richard de Nooy, Wame Molefhe, Barbara Adair, Beatrice Lamwaka, Martin Hatchuel, Mercy Minah, Lindiwe Nkutha