Like the untouchable wind: An anthology of poems

Editor Makhosazana Xaba Publisher: MaThoko's Books Publication date: 2016 ISBN: 9781928215479 Format: paperback Price: R100.00
A slim volume it may be, but it is full of the life, experience and visions of African lesbians. These seven women take a chance on the reader, that we are curious about their journeys and are willing to engage with the lives they choose to share with us. Sometimes humorous, sometimes angry, they are defiant and resolute in defending themselves and their communities from violence, attack and marginalization. On these pages, I’ve met women who have loved, who have suffered but also women who have stood firm in their sexuality and activism. Freedom fighters. They are women who are living their lives and building a movement, they are women I want to know. Read this work and wake up to their world. - Myesha Jenkins, Poet, Author of ‘Breaking the Surface’ and ‘Dreams of Flight’, Editor of a forthcoming anthology of Jazz Poetry This book is a choir of voices of women who self­identify as lesbian and bisexual. Using poetry they share their experiences, their feelings and their dreams. It is a book that inspires activism and a sense of community among lesbians, bisexuals and women, beyond the borders of Bulawayo where it was conceived. In most African countries the mere existence of LGBTQIA+ lives is often denied, criminalized and or trivialized. This book speaks against all that. Women, speaking in their own words, share their lives and their activism in nuanced interesting ways. This book is for poets and women. It is for activists and anyone interested in LGBTQIA+ lives. It is a book for all who care about silenced and marginalized individuals and communities.