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The Gala Offices are open to the public during week days from 8:30 – 4:00, excluding public holidays.
Our small library is a communal space that is generally occupied by researches using the archive, students and other walk-ins needing a quite place to study and the Gala YOUth Forum on Thursday evenings. o The archival material can only be accessed by appointment, thus, if you are interested in viewing archival material, please have a look at the guide to get a sense of what you would be interested in seeing and contact the archivist to set up an appointment.


Gala operates on a small staff and has limited capacity. If you have any skills or time to offer to Gala, please feel free to set up a meeting with one of us.


The Gala Archive is a living archive. This means that we never stop collecting. Gala has an ongoing collections policy that covers queer African history, as well as contemporary news and events.
Do you have documents, posters, flyers, photographs, t-shirts or other items you would like to donate? Do you want your story, or that of your organisation, recorded and/or preserved? Your stories and contributions are important. Help us document the present in order to preserve the past.
Your contribution matters.

Please contact our archivist,
Linda Chernis:

Donations of books with queer content are welcome additions to the Cooper-Sparks Library that is housed at the Gala offices

Gala is a non-profit organisation that relies solely on funding.
Any and all donations are welcome.
We appreciate your support.

You can donate to:
Bank name: Investec
Account name: Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action Trust
Account number: 100 1183 4713
Branch name and code: 580105
Type of account: Current
Swift code: iveszajjxxx

Or via snapscan – code

*Please note that Gala is a registered not for profit trust with S18A status, meaning that neither you nor Gala pays donations tax, and that donations are deductible from your taxable income.


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