The 2023 1/3 (January - April) edition of GALA's newsletter focusses in on specific collections in the archive that resonate in some way with the GALA team and their work.

In this Edition:
  • Co-operation: GALA’s Archives Coordinator delves into the intersecting history of gay and lesbian, sex worker and HIV/ AIDs activism in South Africa. While queer activism has achieved a lot in the last few decades, sex work continues to be criminalised.
  • Proud Disruption: Remembering the 2012 JHB Pride Disruption and how the moment continues to teach us about navigating diversity.
  • That Stupid Bill: GALA’s 2022 Intern, Bonke Sonjani joined the protest against a bill that would further criminalise LGBTQIA+ people in Uganda. Bonke contextualises the bill and its implications.
  • Featured Fam: Sivu Tywabi - We sit down with Sivu to reflect on her Balancing Act (2005) interview from 20 years ago.
  • Preserving Queer History: the importance of remembering who we are - As part of the selection process for GALA’s 2023 Intern, candidates were tasked with a written assignment responding to the question, “Why is queer history important for our community?” 
  • Salon Kewpie: The Legacy Project - 2023 Education Programme - photo gallery, photographs by Sara Petersen


We would like to introduce you to our new team members, Demi (GALA 2023 Intern) and Clowey (Administration Officer):

Demi Phasha

Clowey Stevenson

Watch a short film about the Salon Kewpie: The Legacy Project 2023

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Salon Kewpie - The Legacy Project

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