GALA Times: 2021 3/4 – We Are Here – the international edition

The 2021 3/4 edition of GALA's quarterly newsletter has an international focus, looking beyond South Africa's borders so as to better understand ourselves in a global context.

This edition's Archive Spotlight is on The Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) collection. 

GALA's programmes coordinator, Genevieve Louw, has a conversation with Haley McEwen (acting director of the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies, WiCDS) about her research into the recent rise of the 'pro-family', or 'anti-gender' movement globally. 

GALA’s intern, Wenzile Thwala, breaks down the events leading up to the anti-LGBTIQ bill currently being debated in Ghana.

GALA’s Australian volunteer, Lucinda O’Connor, shares her research on the international friendship between South African Judge Edwin Cameron and Australian Judge Michael Kirby. 

This edition we have two Featured Fams for you! Get to know Kehinde Bademosi, a storytelling strategist, and the Angolan artivist, Pamina Sebastião.

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