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Soweto Pride

Credo Mutwa Park
Deekay – 011 406 1907 or Phindi – 076 512

Soweto Pride PosterThe theme for Soweto Pride 2012 is ‘Enforcing Our Existence: Give Homophobia a Red Card’.

Soweto Pride is aimed at publically expressing and celebrating our identities, activism and resilience as black lesbian women. It is also a space to express our outrage at the violations that we, together with the broader LGBTI community, still face in South Africa because of our sexuality.

The programme includes a lively protest march from a central point in Soweto, moving through the residential and business areas before ending at a park.

A political programme at the endpoint is followed by a cultural programme to celebrate our struggles and victories as black lesbian women, as the broader women’s movement and as LGBTI communities. Friends, family and all those in solidarity with us in our struggles join in the celebrations. Organisations are able to display their messaging, products, promotional items and to engage with participants.

Visit the Soweto Pride website for more information

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